Financial Decisions Inc. Sudbury Ontario, Canada

This is the "home" of Financial Decisions, located in the former "pioneer" residence of the Barry family that developed most of the area while raising 7 children and over 30 foster children.  The building has been preserved inside and out and is situated on a acre of land on the shores of Minnow Lake


Pandemic Update:

Just when we thought the worse was over another "variant" on the scene and we are "locked down" once again. Some continue to work from home and as we are unable to provide physical distancing inside our office we serve clients through telephone and Zoom contact and by e-mail and regular mail. There is provision for drop off and pick up of material at our front door.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 

There is valuable COVID information on the Internet about measures to help individuals, families and businesses.

Locally go to:

For the province click the link below: 

Ontario Providing Supports for Small Businesses, Workers and Families | Ontario Newsroom

For Federal and other assistance click on the link below

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